Public Works

2021 Street Maintenance 

7/19/2021 Seal Coating

  • Collins Park Parking Lot
  • Evergreen Parking Lot
  • Keystone
  • Interior
  • Sunrise
  • Prairie View
  • North Pine
  • Hill City
  • Harney
  • Cemetery Roads
  • Trailhead Park Parking Lot
  • Highway 52 East Frontage Road
  • City Hall Parking Lot
  • 6th Street and 7th Street (Heim Addition Only)
  • Main Street Parking Lot 
  • Aquatic Center Parking Lot
  • Wazuweeta Road (Oronoco city limits north to CR12)
loose rock will be on the seal coating areas for 2-3 weeks.

2nd Street SW Project Update

Work completed this spring:

  • Weeds removed, topsoil placed and sod installed
    • Please note that the contractor is responsible for maintaining the sod for the first 30 days. The maintenance period has ended and each homeowner is now responsible for watering the sod.
    • Please wait to mow the sod until at least 2 weeks after installation or reaches 3.5” high.
    • Do not add any fertilizer or chemicals to the sod this year.
  • Cracked concrete has been replaced
  • The manholes, valve boxes and curb stops have been adjusted to final grades. Please be careful when driving over these structures until the final lift of pavement is placed.


Upcoming work:

The contractor has been working hard to complete the remaining punch list items before the project is ready for close-out. The following items are remaining:

  • Final lift of pavement – tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 23 (weather permitting) work will be rescheduled for Friday the 24th if there is rain.
  • Replace dead sod
  • Project area cleanup

**Water Update**
Due to the lack of rain, public works is asking our residents to water their lawns at night and keep water usage to a minimum during the day peak hours until further notice. Click here for more information