2020 Southwest Street Project

Updated 10:00am 7/20/2020


Work completed the week of 7-08-2020 to 7-15-2020:

  • 100 feet of sanitary sewer was installed on 2nd Avenue
  • Curb and sidewalks were removed on 2nd Avenue down to 3rd Street
  • 120 feet of water main was installed
  • A fire hydrant and valves were installed on the intersection of 2nd Avenue SW and 3rd Street SW


Work to be completed the week of 7-15-2020 to 7-22-2020:

  • Water main will be installed on 2nd Avenue from 3rd Street SW to 2nd Street SW
  • Xcel energy will be relocating power poles
  • The road base will be prepared on 2nd Street SW beginning at Main Street
  • Water and sanitary services will be replaced


Background Information:

Engineer: Vanessa Hines - Widseth Smith Nolting (Rochester)
(507) 206-2136, vanessa.hines@widseth.com

Contractor: Schumacher Excavating, Inc.
Zumbrota, MN


Who can I contact for any construction questions or concerns that I may have?  Widseth personnel will be on site most of the time that construction is taking place.  However, if we are not available, please contact the City (356-4591) and they will get a hold of us to let us know about your question or concern.

How many hours will they be working in a day?  The contractor has informed us that a typical working day will start around 7:00 am and they will work until around 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.  This may vary depending on what they are working on and if they run into any setbacks.  Currently the contractor is not planning on working on the weekends.  However, it is a possibility that they may work an occasional Saturday (Depending on weather, if they get behind schedule, etc…).

Can I drive through the streets during the day?  While underground utilities are being installed the street under construction will be closed.  If you see the crews working on a particular street please do not attempt to drive through the construction zone.  If it is an emergency, let us or one of the workers know and they will try to accommodate you. 

Will I be able to get into my driveway every night?  The contractor will try their best to make the streets passable each night.  However, there will be nights when you will not be able to drive into your driveway.  If you have any special needs that we should be aware of please contact the City and we will address that issue. The Lutheran Church has offered their parking lot to use as needed except for Sundays.

Can I park on the streets during the day?  We ask that you do not park on the streets within the project area during construction hours.  Even if the crews are not on the exact street you want to park on, they may need to store equipment or supplies on the surrounding streets.  During the nonworking hours you may park on the streets. The Lutheran Church has offered their parking lot to use as needed except for Sundays.

Will I have water and sewer service at all times?  You will have water service except for times when the contractor is connecting the new water main to the existing and when your new individual service is being connected to your existing service.  Prior to the connections taking place, you will be informed of the upcoming water shutdown with approximate times and duration.  When given notice please be prepared by filling containers with water.  There may also be times when the existing water main may need to be repaired due to unforeseen circumstances.  In this case you will get little warning as to when the water will be out, but crews will work quickly to repair the main. You will have complete use of sewer service whenever you have water service.

How will my water bill be calculated while my home is on temporary services? The City will use the average billings from the summer months the previous year and will bill you a flat rate.

How will I get my mail? Cluster mailboxes will be installed sometime this week (5/26/2020) near the Lutheran Church parking lot. Any packages mailed via USPS may need to be picked up at the Post Office if it does not fit in your mailbox. The Post Office will leave a notice in your mailbox that you have a package to pick up. UPS and FedEx will do their best to deliver any packages, but you may have to work with them on an individual basis depending on accessibility to your driveway on the day of delivery.

How will my trash service be impacted by the project? Please label your trash receptacle with your address and leave it at the end of your driveway the night before your usual trash pickup day. In the morning, the contractor will move your trash receptacle to the designated space for pickup, and will return your trash receptacle to your driveway before the end of the day.

How long will the project last?  The project has two phases.  Phase one includes all the removals, underground utilities, curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveways, sod, and surfacing (except for the final lift of bituminous).  This work will last throughout the summer and weather depending, be completed sometime in October.  Phase two includes placing the final lift of asphalt pavement and will be completed in 2021.

Will the contractor replace my sanitary sewer and/or water service for me as part of the project?  The contractor is responsible under the contract to replace your sewer and water service from the mainline in the street to the property line.  The homeowner has the option of having the contractor replace the services from the property line to your house as part of the project at an approximate cost of $1,225 for a sewer service and $1,000 for a water service. If you are interested in having them complete the optional work please contact Vanessa at Widseth.

How can I keep informed on the progress of the project?  There will be weekly meetings held on the job site in which residents are encouraged to attend.  The weekly meetings take place Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am at the project site. If you have a specific question you can find Widseth personnel on-site or contact the City and they will get in touch with us. The City website will be updated every Monday with the progress form the following week and what to expect in the week ahead. Information will be updated on our website as it becomes available.