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Public and legal notices from the City of Pine Island that require posting are published in the newspapers of record. The News-Record and Zumbro Shopper are the publicly available newspapers of record authorized by the City to publish its notices.

Notices are also posted on the City's official bulletin board just outside of the registrar's window (to the left when facing the window) in City Hall.

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PRESS RELEASE: Public comment for an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)
Project Title:      Bruening Rock Products – Pierce Quarry
Description:       The Bruening Rock Products Pierce Quarry is a proposed aggregate and sand quarry to be excavated for local construction and agricultural uses. An Interim Use Permit is required by the City of Pine Island for mining sand and gravel within the Agricultural zoning district. The cumulative area of the proposed operation identified the requirement for this EAW.
The project area is described as: 63 acres in the E ½ of the SW ¼, NW ¼ of the SW ¼, and SE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 2, Township 108, Range 15. PIDs: 850243084706, 850231077498, 850231078985, 850223079490, and 850232047071.
EAW can be reviewed at:

  • Pine Island City Hall, 250 South Main Street, Pine Island, MN 55963 or by clicking HERE

EQB Monitor Publication Date – January 24, 2023
Comment period ends – February 23, 2023
Comments may be directed to:
Elizabeth Howard, City Administrator
City of Pine Island
250 South Main Street
Pine Island, MN 55963
(507) 356-4591