Comprehensive Plan

Pine Island is proud to have developed a complete community vision in the form of the Pine Island Comprehensive Plan. The Pine Island Planning & Zoning Commission coordinated this effort, which culminated in the adoption of this 215-page update on October 19, 2010. The plan is scheduled to be updated again in 10 years.

The plan is a set of goals, policies and objectives that was formulated with public input from residents, businesses, the Pine Island City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, MnDOT District 6-Rochester, and neighboring townships and counties. The policies, goals, and objectives of the plan are essential to help city leaders craft a more effective zoning code.

The Comprehensive Plan:pi_entrance_sign

  • Includes a summary of the city’s demographic profile
  • Analyzes the past, current and future housing stock
  • Projects future housing and population trends
  • Identifies natural resources and goals for preserving natural amenities
  • Inventories current land uses and projects future land uses with the identification of where appropriate land uses should be located
  • Reviews the current transportation system and includes a future transportation plan and policies
  • Inventories current park land and recreational amenities and includes recommendation for future park and recreational facilities
  • Summarizes the wastewater and water infrastructure with the identification of future needs
  • Addresses historic preservation as it relates to the community
It is our duty as citizens and community leaders to work together for a better future—one that builds on all the good about Pine Island and positions us to take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities. If you have any questions or need additional information on any section(s) of the plan, contact City Hall at 507-356-4591.